First Week of Uni?

Going to university is definitely the most exciting time in a persons life. I can honestly say going to university has changed my life so much, I have met some incredible people, and found the most amazing boyfriend anyone could ever ask for. Not only that but I am getting an amazing education that will allow me to peruse my career in marketing.

Most people find dressing for the first week of uni hard, but why? Just be yourself and wear what you want to wear. You are not going to get judged if you go in dressed like your ready for a night out, but your also not going to get judged if you dress super casual.

I thought I'd help all you freshers out there, by finding the perfect items that give you the comfort but sophistication that all uni students are looking for. Being a student myself, I am always looking for the best deals and items that will go with everything. That's why I have only found items that enable you to use student discount, who doesn't love getting an extra 10% off their purchase.

90s Knitted Ribbed Crop Top £22
Black Jamie Jeans £40
Edge to Edge Blanket Coat £79
Button Front A-Line Skirt £28
Plunge V Neck Cami £16
Black Joni Jeans £36

ASOS Royalty Leather Chelsea Ankle Boots £50
Monki Patent Tassel Loafers £40
Adidas Original Superstars £67

Urban Outfitters
Adidas Three Stripe Blue Tee £25
Turtle Stripe Crop Tee £29
Turtle Stripe Crop Tee £29

Miss Guided

Cropped Peplum T Bar Cami £15
Padded Bomber Jacket £35
Knitted Sripe High Neck Crop £12
Stripe Double Layer Crop £22
Faux Leather Biker Jacket £50
High Neck Crop Knitted Ripped Vest £18

I hope this posts helps everyone who is starting university in the next few weeks, good luck to you all, you are going to have the best time! Comment below if you have or are interested in purchasing any of these items.

xo Sophie

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