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I know I shouldn't but I love wearing mens clothes. They are so much more comfier than womens! I find that even though they tend to be oversized, paired with the correct items you wouldn't even be able to tell that they are mens clothes. Recently, I purchased a Topman jacket, as shown in my OOTD here, and I love it and so does my brother. When I wear it, my mum says it looks really feminine and you wouldn't be able to tell its from Topman unless you saw the label. However, when my brother worn it, you could 100% tell it was a mans jacket. This is all down to how it was styled.

There is no denying that all/most women wear mens clothes, they could be your boyfriends, siblings, of you could have gone out and purchased them for yourself like I did. There is nothing wrong with it! This post is just going to be a little post on how women can wear mens clothes.

Topman Black Rubber Trek Jacket £65
This is very similar to the jacket that I purchased, however, this one is a bit longer and has a hood. Women would definitely get away with wearing jackets like these as they are very unisex, basic and not much too them. I would pair it with:

Topshop Funnel Neck Crop Tee - £10
Topshop Window Pane Check Funnel Crop Top - £22
Vegabond Dioon Elastic Chelsea Boot - £90
Urban Renewal Vintage Re-Made Zip Denim Skirt in Black - £38
It could also be paired with jeans, riding pants, trainers, literally anything you feel comfortable in. 

A lot of women/girls now are buying mens trainers, well most trainers now are unisex, however, sometimes I find some trainers girls are wearing do suit boys more. These include trainers such as..
1) Nike Huaraches
2) Adidas Flux zx
3) Nike Air Max Tavas
and many more

I know that all of these trainers are unisex and both males and females can wear them but I just find that trainers like these suit men so much more than women. It doesn't matter what colour or pattern you buy them in they still look better on men. This is annoying as I love mens trainers and I wish I could wear them all of the time, but I just know that they wont suit me and I will look ridiculous in them. 

As a lot of females do suit these trainers and style them really well I just thought I would mention a few items that would make your outfit more girly which takes away some of the masculinity of the trainers.
1) Trainers can go with jeans, trousers, skirts or shorts! However, girls, if you are wearing shorts or a skirt, take of the tights! Trainers go so much better with bare skin!
2) Boyfriend coats - they go extremely well with trainers, as they cut of them are so girly and feminine, especially when worn with a pastel shade. 
3) I would definitely wear a crop top or a very girly top when wearing trainers. When wearing an oversized tee it can look too casual and manly. Don't get me wrong I go for this look all the time as I don't mind the masculine look, however, if you are going for the feminine look I would definitely avoid baggy tees. 
As you can see I don't take my own advice and I have left the house in mens trainers, a Topman jacket and an oversize tee. (In my defence I did only go to my local supermarket). 

I hope this little rambled helped any of us females that like to wear mens clothes! Comment below if you have any of your own outfit ideas.

xo Sophie

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