Christmas Presents

Just a little disclaimer, in no way what so ever am I bragging about what I got for Christmas, I am just so excited about some of the things I received that I thought I'd share it with all of you.

I definitely got spoilt this year and I am so grateful to my mum for getting me everything I asked for and more. The majority of the items I have purchased myself with Christmas money from my parents, however my mum still got me the best wrap ups I could have asked for.

My Michael Kors Skylar watch is my most favourite gift that I received. I am absolutely in love with it, I don't think I could have found a more perfect watch, especially finding one that is 100% my style. The surprise gift that my mum got for me was my Pandora charm bracelet and 2 charms to go with it, I received a cute little heart charm and a christmas tree charm. I never thought I would ever want a pandora charm as silver jewellery doesn't suit me, however I am in love with this bracelet and goes extremely well next to my watch.

The teeth whitening kit is probably the gift that I am most excited about. I have always wanted to whiten my teeth after I got my braces taken off so getting this for christmas has made me very happy. I can not wait to just pamper myself and get on the way to having the perfect white teeth I have always wanted. I know that this kit is expensive, however, if it does work I will definitely be purchasing this again.

The perfumes are a funny story. I used to love them a few years ago however, they discontinued them. When they brought them out again especially for christmas my mum just had to get me them. She was unsure about the one I used to LOVE and wear all the time, so knowing that I liked the smell of all of them she purchased all 5. I am definitely a lover of Gwen Stefani's harajuku lovers perfumes so I am so happy that my mum remembered and purchased these for me,

The next gift I received was the nail set. I didn't know what to do when I opened this as I love nail art I just never have the patience to do it. This set is full of hundreds of patters and gems and different nail art things. It also comes with an amazing top and bottom coat. I definitely can't wait to make the most of this before I start working again.

I have the bestest friend possible and for christmas she bought me my white converse as well as the best mug I could possibly want 'queen of fucking everything'. She definitely knows me very well and I couldn't be happier with the gifts that she got for me.

I can not wait to use the body shop gift my auntie got for me, especially now I am wearing fake tan again. The products here will help remove all the dry skin and leave my skin all polished and ready to apply the tan, Also vanilla is my favourite scent so I am very excited to try these.

I am also very thankful to my brother who purchased me the Navy American Apparel riding pants. I have been wanting them in this colour for ages so when he said he would get them for me I could't have been happier.

This christmas I ended up receiving quite a bit of christmas money so I have definitely treated myself. I have purchased the most amazing black platform shoes from Topshop, as well as some new joni jeans and a few basic tops that I can just lounge about in. I also purchased the Babyliss heated rollers. I can not wait for these to be delivered! After seeing how my friends hair turned out after using these I am very excited to try them out and find the best style for me. I also received a lot of random little gifts and chocolate sets which most people receive on christmas. I mean who doesn't love chocolate?

With the rest of my christmas money that I have I am going to buy myself some new trainers once all the sales have ended, as well as a few more tees. What I am looking forward to the most is buying my Parklife ticket!! I can not wait! I am even more excited knowing I have the money sat in the bank just waiting for the ticket to be purchased.

I hope you all had a lovely christmas and got just as spoilt as I did. 

xo Sophie


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    1. Thank you! Happy holidays to you too x

  2. You are very lucky! I hope you have fun with your presents throughout the year! Happy new year :)
    Jessica xo

    1. Thank you lovely, Happy New Year to you too x