Nudes, Nudes and more Nudes

As you can tell from previous posts, I am obsessed with buying new lipsticks and lip liners. I am s sucker for MAC lipsticks, as well as finding dupes for my favourite lipsticks.

Recently I went a little crazy on lipsticks and lip liners, by crazy I mean most of these colours look the same! I wish I had willpower when it comes to buying lip products.

I still have a long list of products that I want, which includes MAC, Soap and Glory, Kiko and much more. I can't wait to make the purchases so I can share them with all of you.

Most of the colours I've purchased are nudes/beige shades, however, I am slowly trying to branch out into more orange/red shades, I just need to find the perfect shades to suit my skin tone. If anyone has an recommendations, I have dark brunette hair, pale skin tone and brown eyes. Please leave some comments below, I would love your help.

Anyway back to the haul... here are my most recent purchases.

In order left to right,
MAC lip liner in Spice, KIKO precision lip pencil in 302,  KIKO precision lip pencil in 311, Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Plucker Lip Lacquer in Charm Offence, Sleek True Colour lipstick in Liqueur, Sexy Mother Plucker lipstick in Blush Pink, MAC Velvet Teddy.


  1. Soap and glory lip products are amazing, the list of ones I want is so long! All those colours are so lovely for this time of year!

    Amy x

    1. I agree, they are definitely the best drug store products that I have tried! My list is endless as well.
      Thank you lovely x

  2. I know what you mean, buying lippies is so addicting! Even though you know you already own five of the same shades, it's so hard to stop. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on these products! x Krista

    I'd love it if you'd take a look at my blog if you have the time! xo
    www.lovekrista.com | bloglovin’: Love, Krista

    1. Buying lipsticks in basically the same shades is an addiction, but I can always justify it by saying, oo that ones more brown, or thats got more of a pink undertone aha.

      I'll do an update soon once I've tried them all out for long enough x