Night Out Lipsticks

I am not one for taking expensive lipsticks out with me on nights out, as I tend to lose or break them. Since losing a few lipsticks when out 'clubbing' I decided that it is best that I stick to the drugstore lipsticks, by doing this I wouldn't be too bothered if I lost or damaged them. I only tend to wear my high end lipsticks when out with friends, to university and any other occasion like that. 
I have been looking for a drugstore lipstick that is highly pigmented and lasts on the lips. I have tried many different brands, however, I am not a fan of sheer lipsticks, nothing seemed to be pigmented enough on my lips and wasn't long lasting enough for nights out.
I then came across Rimmel lipsticks, in particular the Kate Moss Range.
What I love most about these products is they come in a range of matte lipsticks, this is exactly what I have been looking for! I must admit I am not a huge fan of the colour selection for the matte lipsticks as they are more red tones, however, the normal Kate Moss range is just as good. They are so silky on the lips and are very long lasting, especially when paired with a lipliner. 
Rimmel have 3 Kate Moss collections, they have the Kate Moss Mate Lasting Finish lipsticks, the Kate Moss Lasting Finish lipsticks and the Kate Moss Spring Lipstick collection which can all be purchased at your local Boots or Superdrug. 
Here I am wearing...
Kate Moss Lasting Finish 03
Kate Moss Lasting Finish 08
Kate Moss Lasting Finish 32
Kate Moss Mate Lasting Finish 101
Kate Moss Mate Lasting Finish 107
As you can see they are all really wearable colours and will look great with many different outfit combinations. It ranges from a beige nude, to a mauve nude, to a pinky orange, a natural pink and a red, I have a lipstick colour for what ever outfit I may be wearing.
If you're like me and want to purchase cheap lipsticks that look just as good as their high end competitors I would definitely recommend the Kate Moss lipsticks, there are such a wide variety of colours, one to suit every skin tone. I have a couple of Kate Moss lipsticks and not one has disappointed. 

Comment below if you have any of the Kate Moss collection lipsticks and if you can recomed any other drugstore lipsticks. 

xo Sophie


  1. such a great range of colours! i love 101 all such pretty wearable shades! i agree on only taking drugstore ones on a night out though!


    1. they are all so wearable, and will go with such a wide variety of outfits! and 100%, i will never take high end lipsticks out with me again
      xo Sophie