Motel Girls Rocking It

Disclaimer - This post is part of my university assignment on consumer generated marketing and customer loyalty.

Motel is probably my favourite store to purchase from at the minute. It is very hit and miss for some people as their clothing range isn't to everybody's taste, they don't follow the latest fashion trends, they create their own. I am obsessed with everything on their website at the minute, below are a few items that I am lusting over.

Motel Annie A Line Mini Skirt in Windsor Raspberry - £28
Motel Franny Halterneck Crop in Silver Shiny Spandex - £18
Motel Bellflower Fluffy Crop Top in White - £28
Motel  Gaia Strappy Dress in Black and White Spiral Lace - £42

Consumer generated marketing and customer loyalty play a huge roll in the success of Motel and the representation of their brand image. Their consumer generated marketing comes from their success of the 'Motel Girls Rocking It' section on their website, they use the immense power of their fan base with the use of social media to help authenticate themselves. It doesn't just show your typical models wearing the Motel clothes, it shows real women and how the Motel consumers style certain products. This creates a strong competitor advantage as it creates awareness and most importantly it creates reliability, potential customers will want to buy these products as they are able to see exactly what the product looks like on real women. Additionally the increase in sales will increase customer loyalty and stronger relationships with new and existing customers. 

In order to be featured on the Motel Rocks website all you have to do is buy the Motel products, take a selfie and upload it onto Instagram and #Motelrocks. It's as simple as that!
Social Media is a massive part of their marketing communication strategy as they rely on platforms like Instagram to reach their customers, not only this but if you are a loyal customer like myself, they send SMS messages straight to your registered number, providing offers that only loyal customers receive. Looking at the image above you can see that over 20,000 people have #Motelrocks, hoping that they can be featured on either their Instagram page or on the 'Motel Girls Rocking It' section of their website. Not only will their images be shown on the Motel website, but anybody who searches #Motelrocks will be able to see the images. This allows customers to view hundreds of images, showing all different girls styling the Motel pieces. On top of that each image that is tagged creates high exposure for the brand essentially giving Motel 'free publicity', connoting the power of consumer generated marketing.

I would personally say that I am an advocate of Motel as I am constantly tweeting, blogging, posting pictures on Instagram and telling my friends about their products. This is shown through the Customer Ladder of Loyalty as shown in the image below.
Prospect and customer focuses on catching the customers, the main emphasis is on new customers. The rest of the ladder leads into building a relationship with the customers and enhancing those relationships until that customer is an advocate. When Motels customers are posting their images onto Instagram and hash tagging #Motelrocks the move up the ladder, the are no longer customers, they are supporters or advocates, they are promoting Motel's brand as well as the products that they sell. In order to keep the customers as advocates Motel post their images in the 'Motel Girls Who Rock It' section of their website.   

xo Sophie

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