Ripped Jeans

After years of only wearing skirts and shorts I have finally become happy enough with my body to wear jeans. Its only recently that I have realised how comfortable jeans are and how easy they are to style. 

The main trend following through from spring/summer is the ripped jeans. The two main styles of ripped jeans are shown below. 

Topshop Black Ripped Jamie Jeans - £42
Topshop MOTO Pretty Bleached Ripped Hayden Jeans - £45

Both jeans are from Topshop, personally Topshop are a favourite of mine for jeans and trousers as they seem to be to be the most flattering jeans out of all of the high street shops. As you can see there's the slightly ripped at the knee jeans and the extreme ripped jeans. I personally prefer the extreme ripped jeans as they add more of an edge. However, you can only seem to get these in the mom and vintage style jeans, and I feel like they don't flatter my body type as much as the ripped jamie jeans do. I would personally recommend that everybody has a pair of ripped jeans in their wardrobe for the up and coming months. 

Styling ripped jeans
When it comes to styling ripped jeans I think there are many ways you can go about it. As they add an 'edgy' vibe already I think it's very important to make sure your true style comes out. Taking the two jeans from above I have put together a few outfits that I feel show my personality as well as mixing it up with the current autumn winter trends. 

Outfit 1:
Topshop Black Ripped Jamie Jeans - £42
River Island Grey 3/4 Crop Top - £15
Newlook Duster Coat - £29.99
La Moda Black Ellie PU - £27.99

Outfit 2:
Topshop MOTO Pretty Bleached Ripped Hayden Jeans - £45
River Island Cream Striped Ribbed Top - £18
ASOS Miley Black Flat T-Bar Shoes - £28

Outfit 3:
Topshop Black Ripped Jamie Jeans - £42
Office Air Max Thea Black Wolf Grey White - £84.99
Newlook Black Leather Jeans Belt - £12.99
Topshop Velvet Body - £25

Outfit 1 is probably my favourite outfit as it incorporates items I have/want/or are similar to products I already have. I think it represents this seasons trends the most as it includes the long duster coat and the heeled plat formed boots. This outfit is also very similar to the items that I wear on a daily basis. Outfit 3 is more of a going out outfit. The velvet body is something I have been lusting over for a while and when I saw it in this powder pink colour I fell in love. I paired it with the Theas as it gives it more of a casual look and that;s what I go for when I am choosing what to wear for a night out. Outfit 2 included the extreme ripped jeans. For me this would be more of a 'girly' outfit choice. This outfit is way out of my comfort zone as it isn't all black, however, my aim this year is to try out new styles and I intend to buy similar items to recreate this look. 

Are ripped jeans for you? If so how do you style them? 

xo Sophie

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