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As you will realise in many more posts to come I only ever wear black crop tops. I have 12 black crop tops in my wardrobe, however, in total I have 20 crop tops, each one in a slightly different style. There are so many different styles of crop tops out there this autumn/winter and as I am a crop top addict I thought I'd put a post together on my favourite styles of crop tops at the minute. 

Just a little disclaimer I usually get all of my crop tops from either Topshop, River Island or Miss Selfridge so I apologise in advance if there isn't much variety in the stores. Below are some of my favourite crop tops that are available in stores at the minute. 

Miss Selfridge Velvet Zip Back Crop - £20.00
Topshop Grey Rib Funnel Top - £10.00
Topshop Lurex Rose Gold Crop Top - £22.00
River Island Cream Stripe Ribbed Crop - £18.00
Topshop Black Ribbed Crop top - £26.00
Miss Selfridge 90's Curve Neck Crop Top - £8.00

Velvet crop tops are everywhere this season as velvet is a very autumn/winter fabric. I personally don't suit velvet, however, I absolutely LOVE the trend. Velvet goes perfectly with everything and always adds a bit of edge to an outfit. There are velvet tops in many different styles and colours, so no matter what style you prefer you will be able to find one that is right for you. My favourite velvet style for this season is the pastel pink velvet. It is a colour you wouldn't expect to wear in the colder months, however, it is the most perfect colour and adds a pop to any outfit.


I am not a major fan of bralets as I feel like they show too much skin, however, they are very flattering when worn correctly. Bralets should NEVER be worn with just jeans on a day to day basis, I do not understand how people find this look acceptable. However, bralets are perfect if you are going out for a nice meal or even going on a night out.

Roll/Turtle Neck Crop Tops
These are probably my favourite style of crop tops, I definitely tend to lean more towards this style in the autumn winter months. These style tops are perfect for layering under a low cut kit jumper, or even just worn on their own. The highness of the neck helps keep all of the warmth in, so even though it is a crop top they aren't as revealing as others. In stores now I have seen a wide variety of roll neck tops, for example: a knitted one in River Island, a velvet one on Miss Guided, A long sleeve ribbed one in Urban Outfitters and the one shown above in Topshop. Every high street store this season are selling variations of roll neck crop tops, so I would definitely recommend that this style should be the signature style in your wardrobe!


This is my favourite fabric for this season. It gives the impression that you are wearing something warmer than you actually are, it is also a very comfy fabric. Most ribbed tops that are available in stores are predominately long or 3/4 sleeved. Personally I prefer this as they look more flattering and give more of a casual look. The majority of tops I have purchased for this autumn/winter have been 3/4 sleeved ribbed crop tops. I feel like they go perfectly with my jeans, my riding pants for when I want a more comfortable look and also for making a skirt more casual. I will definitely be purchasing more ribbed crops throughout the next few months.

Curve/Square Neck

This style has followed on from the spring/summer 90s trend, however, instead of being in pastel colours they have been designed in a deep burgundy and a navy blue, colours that you would traditionally expect during the colder months. 

I hope this little post helps you on deciding what crop top is right for you. If anyone is interested in any more advice just leave a comment below.

xo Sophie

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