Adidas Originals

I am actually obsessed with the super casual look, and am loving the Adidas Originals 3 stripe tshirt for £25 as seen on ASOS, Urban Outfitters and the Adidas website. 
I know most people will be thinking what is so special about this top, it is just a plain Adidas top that most people will wear to work out. However, this is something I would wear when going shopping, just popping out for a quick lunch with family and friends, running errands and generally just lounging about. It is also the perfect tshirt to wear when I'm visiting my boyfriend as it's super comfy and versatile. 

There are so many different items that you can pair this tshirt with...

First of all a denim skirt. Denim skirts are perfect to wear with oversized tops like this, as you can wear a tight fitted denim skirt and just have the top flowing over the top. I love looks like this because you still get that girly element shining through.

My favourite way to wear a top like this is with jeans especially black jeans. This look is super chilled and you can be dressed and ready to leave the house in minutes. Paired with a pair of trainers and you're in the perfect shopping attire. I would also pair this with my bomber jacket, as it just adds that extra element and a more fashionable side to the outfit.

Sports leggings are another obvious choice to pair with this top. It is a perfect top to go to the gym in as its comfortable and extremely light weight. If you are into a more jersey style top when going to the gym this one is the one for you.

I would definitely pair this with my beloved american apparel riding pants, by doing this I am able to took parts of it into the trousers, showing off more of my figure.

I know this is only a short post and isn't for everyone's taste however I have been so busy working and trying to spend as much time as I can with my boyfriend that I've slowly started to neglect my blog. I promise that I am back and I am going to try and post as often as I can.

xo Sophie

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