Review: Barry M Natural Glow 2

Barry M have recently released the 'Natural Glow 2' Palette. The warm golden shades that are perfect for classic understated looks and which compliment all skin tones. Not only do you get 6 amazing shades, but you also get a eyeshadow primer that will ensure the powder stays day and night. 
Barry M Natural Glow 2 Palette - £6.49 Boots 

The palette features 6 shades in total:
3 matte shade
3 shimmer base shades
1 Primer

From left to right, the colours are... a matte yellow based cream, a cool toned matte light grey, a matte cool toned mauve, a golden shimmer shadow, a cool toned copper based mauve and a deep metallic purple shimmer shadow. 

This palette is perfect for creating every day looks, as the vast majority of the eyeshadows are cool toned and extremely neutral. The base of these shadows are of a creamy texture and are extremely pigmented, giving it a silky soft texture which makes it very easy to blend. However, because of the cream based it does create product fall out. 

How I use it
I use this every day with my everyday make up routine as it just adds a pop of shimmer to my eye lids while creating a really natural day time look. I tend to use mix the matte grey and mauve all over my lid to create the base. I then take the golden shimmer shadow and blend it into my crease. In order to define the eyes more, I take the shimmer mauve and just add it to the crease of my eye, blending that out until it has created a simple/natural smokey eye. 

If you are recently starting off with makeup, or are just looking for an everyday eyeshadow palette I would definitely recommend this! Comment below if you have this palette, letting me know your views on it. 

xo Sophie


  1. Hi, I've nominated you to do the Liebster award because I love your style.
    Check out my blog post for instructions

  2. I remember buying the first Barry M Natural Glow palette as a starting off point with eyeshadow and thought it was quite good for the price!


    1. I agree, for a first timer this palette is wonderful, definitely a good starter palette
      xo sophie