OOTD 26/01/15

Cardigan - H&M
Belt - NewLook
Skirt- Vintage
Shoes - Office (New Balance)
Crop Top- River Island
Jewellery - Michael Kors Watch, Pandora Bracelet, Necklace from H&M

I have been shopping a lot recently, I have out shopped myself makeup wise, so I have started buying clothes again. I am so happy with everything that I have purchased, I have so much to share with you all! As you can tell from the image above, I have been dressing extremely casual, yet it still looks like I have made a slight effort. 

Recently I have been loving the 90s trend have been dressing very 90s! I was in a vintage shop and I fell in love with this skirt, I know it is not every ones cup of tea but I love it. I don't care what people think about my outfits, as long as I like what I'm wearing that's all that matters right?

I just love wearing outfits like this, which are so plain but have the pop from the skirt. The style of the skirt isn't this season (which I really don't care about), however, the colours are. I'm not one for following the latest fashion trends, I only buy items I like and I know will suit me. That is what is so good about this skirt! It;s SO me and SO different, yet the khaki green shades and the mustard shades are everywhere at the minute!

Hope you enjoyed this quick little post. Let me know what you think about this outfit.

xo Sophie


  1. The skirt is gorgeous! It's amazing what you can find in vintage or thrift/charity shops, and I like how you've added the new balance, gives a bit of surprise to the outfit. Casual with a tiny, almost nonexistent hint of effort is a uni students best friend, been doing it a lot myself lately!

    little miss fii || Fii x

    1. Thank you lovely! and I know, there were so many other skirts I wanted but I just couldn't afford them all :( Agreed, I personally love the New Balance with this look, perfect for uni or can easily be switched up for a night out
      xo Sophie

  2. Love the skirt! I think it can sometimes make a really nice change to keep the top plain & have a skirt that really catches your attention. You should share some more of your vintage finds - I gave friends that get the most gorgeous things from charity shops, vintage stalls etc. but I'm never so lucky!

    Emily @ Lashes & Rouge

  3. Aw that skirt is so sweet! I love your look!