My New Fitness Routine

The holiday season is over, and it's now time to focus on my health and getting fit. I have definitely piled on the pounds over the past few weeks and am definitely seeing it! For the past few days I have been doing in house work outs, designed to lose weight from my whole body, as well as doing additional exercises specifically for my tums, bums and legs.

I thought I would do this short post sharing what my exercise routine is and hopefully you will be able to get some ideas from it. It is different from my usual posts as it isn't fashion or beauty related, but exercise and trying to get a healthy lifestyle is a very important part of 2015 for me, so I thought I would share the odd post every few weeks designed to hopefully give other people some inspiration.

The exercises I tend to do on a daily basis are:
Squats - great for bums and thighs
Lunges - also great for bums and thighs
Calf raises – great for shapely legs and calves
Stomach crunches – great for abs
Tricep dip
Plank and Side Plank- targets the lower back and core muscles
Bridges- targets the buttocks and lower back
One leg kickbacks
Bench dips - targets triceps

Not only do I do these, I am also starting to go on jogs again. Not long jogs, only for about 20 minutes, but this is getting my fitness levels back up again. Each week I will up the time I run for until I am comfortable, the longest I will run for is probably an hour. This including running up hill, down hill and on flat land.

I am very interested in fitness DVDs at the minute and I intend on buying Charlotte Crosbys DVD as she has made a huge change to her body and is definitely an inspiration.

I want to lose a whole stone and be the perfect size 8, which is a really realistic goal. My main aim is to tone, Losing weight is one thing, but I am hopefully trying to aim for more of a defined stomach and that perfect bum that every girl wants. I have my goal I just need the motivation now.

I am thinking of doing a weekly food diary, showing what I have for breakfast, lunch and dinner, if anyone is interested please let me know?

xo Sophie


  1. Great post! If you want a great, full workout that's quick, try Jillian Michael's 30 day shred. It's my favorite workout!

    1. ooo thank you very much lovely
      xo Sophie