My Hair Story

I get so bored of having brunette hair that every once in a while I like to switch it up a bit.I have naturally dark brown/chocolatey hair which I loved and have never been able to get back, this is because I have died it so many times.

I am having trouble at the minute because I don't know if I want to...
1) get my hair dresser to completely strip all colour from my hair and go back to my natural chocolate brown
2) go ginger again
3) ombre it again
4) go light brown and ombre it (this is the only style I haven't been)
5) I am even cindering going slightly blonde, eee

I first ombred my hair in 2010 and for years I was going between ombre and brunette, then decided to change it completely and go a gingery blonde colour, back to brunette, ombre and brunette again. I love each one and I get told that each colour suits me really well, this is why I am having such a hard time deciding what I want to do!

Below are some images of my hair transformation:
The first image is the colour I am now, it is brunette but has tinges of red which I hate! That is the only thing about box die, after a while the brunette fades and red starts to shine through. Image 2 is when I have first died my hair brunette after being ombre. I loved this colour as it was a medium brown that only had hints of lighter and darker shades of brown running through it. This was definitely one of my favourites as it reminded me of my natural hair colour. The third image isn't too great, but it is the best ombre image I had. I have been both a brunette ombre and a blonde ombre, this was the stage in the middle when it started to turn more gingery! Image 4 is a image of me and my sister, as you can tell I am ginger! This was one of my all time favourite hair styles, because I am pale you would think being ginger washed me out, however, it did the opposite. And finally the end image is my natural colour, it has no dye on it what so ever there as it has all finally grown out!

Some images I have seen online that are making it difficult for me to decide are shown below:
I absolutely love this blonde ombre, it is definitely a hair goal of mine! I just don't think I have the look to suit blonde hair. The image of Miley Cyrus is the image I used when I first went ginger. I love her with this hair colour, I think the hints of blonde and brunette running through it make it look more natural and toned, It gives the hair more definition. I adore this light brown hair that Oliva Palmero has, it is so sleek and simplistic, I have really deep brown eyes so this colour would go perfectly with my complexion and features. Finally is just your average, highlighted ombre, but it isn't as obvious! You can see the gradual colour difference, but it isn't too intense.

I am have SO much trouble trying to decide and I intend on getting it done within the next few weeks. Leave some comments below, I would really appreciate your help!

xo Sophie

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