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So I'm currently home from uni for a few weeks and I left all of my makeup organisation at my house back in Leeds. I absolutely hate living out of makeup bags and as I share a room with my sister I cant leave it lying around either.

I am looking into buying some muiji organisation however, it is so expensive, so I am trying to find a cheaper alternative. If anyone has any suggestions where I can get some high quality acrylic makeup storage that isn't too expensive please feel free to comment below.

Anyway, I was looking in a cupboard where my mother keeps all her old ornaments and I came across a stunning jar that is the perfect size to hold all of my everyday make up.

Here are some more images...

I absolutely adore this jar and I am even considering brining it back to uni with me and using it as storage for all of my lip products. I am not a huge fan of the colour, however, when blended with deeper purples the jar looks more purple, when around light colours like white and yellow the pink tends to stand out more.

It is the perfect size as it holds everything shown in the image above. This was from TK Maxx if anybody is interested in buying something similar to this, as they tend to sell loads of amazing ornaments like these that could be used for many different purposes.

xo Sophie

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  1. This is such a cute little jar, I have one similar but it is clear glass :) great idea to store make up in it, it looks gorgeous!

    Karis X