Lorac Pro Palette vs Naked 2 Palette

As mentioned in previous posts here and here I am currently lusting over the Naked 2 palette. However, after reading reviews on the Loral Pro Palette I think I may have changed my mind! I don't understand how I have never heard of this product before? Just look at how stunning the shades are...

White / Cream / Taupe / Light Pink Mauve / Sable / Espresso / Black
Nude / Champagne / Gold / Light Bronze Pewter / Garnet / Deep Purple / Slate

"Prime, highlight and define your eyes with the PRO palette by LORAC. It's filled with velvety-smooth, ultra-pigmented eyeshadows infused with soothing botanicals that allow them to be used either wet or dry."

The palette comes with 16 cream eyeshadows:
- 8 matte eyeshadows 
- 8 shimmer eyeshadows 
- Behind the scenes eye primer (0.19 oz)
Each square shadow contains 0.02 oz of product and the palette itself is quite thin and travel-friendly while also including a mirror that is large enough to be usable

The creamy formula makes the application of the eyeshadows so much easier, as they are really smooth and blendable, this alone is making me switch from the Naked 2 palette! 

Both palettes have very similar colours, colour payoff and consistency.The main difference is the number of matte shadows. Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette has 3 matte shades, however, the Lorac Pro palette has 8! I am personally more of a matte eyeshadow lover, so I will definitely have to purchase this! 

If anybody knows any UK websites where I can purchase this it would be much appreciated.

xo Sophie


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  2. I've always lusted over the Lorac palettes but they're just no easy to get a hold of in the UK. They're all over americans instagrams, makes me so jealous xx

    Through New Eyes | Beauty Blog

  3. I have both and I much prefer the Lorac Pro! I bought mine from Amazon and paid a massive £57 for it but honestly no regrets I love it so much x


    1. P.S. the Lorac pro eyeshadows aren't cream there very velvety powder shadows that blend like a dream!

  4. The Lorac Pro palette looks gorgeous in a shame they don't sell it in the UK (would totally but it if they did) but since I can't get hold of it I will stick to my naked palette just now.

    Jen x

  5. i need ths palette !! :)