How I...Highlight and Contour

Everybody highlights and contours their face in so many different ways, that there isn't actually a correct way of doing it, it is all down to what you find the easiest. I tend to use a lot of different brushes and products when I highlight and contour, but that is because that is what works best for me.
Here is a little tutorial/images of the step by step stages that I do when highlighting and contouring my face. 
1) First I take MACs pro longwear concealer and apply it to the areas I want to highlight (the middle of my forehead, under my eyes and my chin).  I have recently purchased the Real Technique beauty blender and I love it. It is perfect for blending the highlighted areas into my foundation. Before I purchased this, I used my expert face brush.
2) I then apply my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in 'desert beige' all over my face. I use the Real Technique Expert Face Brush to do this. 
3) I then take my face powder and set all of that into place.
4) Using a foundation brush by Real Techniques I take some of the Bourjous Bronzing Primer and apply it to my cheek bones, as well as brushing some around my forehead. Taking the Real Techniques Stippling Brush I then blend it until all of the harsh lines have gone. I tend to apply this in little amounts, I add some product to my face, blend it in and keep doing that until I am happy with the colour. 
5) I then take my MACs mineralise skin finish natural in 'medium deep'  and apply more contour powder to the areas where I want more definition. I use the Real Techniques Contour Brush when doing this.  As well as this I also add a tiny bit of my Sleeks Face Forum Contouring and Blush Palette in medium to make my cheek bones slightly darker. 
6) Once I have finished contouring them areas, I then take my Real Techniques Detailer Brush and apply some bronzer along my nose, I blend this out using the ELF blush brush. By doing this section it helps make my nose appear longer and thinner. 
7) I then take MACs prep and prime in light boots and add this along the top of my cheek bones and under my eyes.
8) Finally I take my MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle and apply it generously to my cheek bones, I also just slightly brush it along my nose. 

And that's it finished! I then apply my eye make up and then my make up routine is finished. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this and it helps any first timers on highlighting and contouring. For all you experts on highlighting and contouring feel free to leave any tips and tricks down below!

xo Sophie


  1. I'd like to try the prep and prime and see what it's like, I love reading how different other people do their make up x

    Through New Eyes | Beauty Blog

    1. It's such a good highlighter, I would definitely recommend it!
      xo Sophie