Christmas Wish List

I never usually ask for presents at Christmas, now I'm older I prefer to spend time with my family and enjoy the time we have together. However, this year my mum insisted that I wrote a list of things that I wanted. Now I have a job, I've been making purchases when ever I got paid so it has been very difficult to actually decide on what I wanted her to buy me.

Below is a list of the items I realised that I just needed in my life. I'm not sure on everything my mother has got for me, but I do know I have some of the things mentioned below.

Michael Kors Skyler watch in Black -£259
New Balance 420 Suede Mix Black & Grey Trainers - £60
Jimmy Choo STARS - £67.50
Mac Hue Lipstick - £15
Benefit world famous neutrals glamorous nudes ever.. eyeshadow kit - £23.50
Topshop Front Pocket Purse - £16 
iPod Classic (Discontinued) - up to £200
Mac Studio Fix Foundation - £21.50

I know the majority of items on my wish list are expensive, but it's Christmas and my mum feels like it is the best time of the year to show her appreciation. I don't think I am going to receive all of the items above as I told my mum which ones I wanted the most. However, with any Christmas money that I get from other family members I intend on buying the other items. 

I am in love with the Michael Kors watch, I think it is the most perfect watch, and suits my dress sense amazingly. I don't think I am ever going to take it off my wrist. I recently purchased Estee Lauder Double Wear, but for more of a casual day time look I thought it would be a good idea to get Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation. This is more of a everyday foundation I would wear to uni, whereas I feel like I am wasting my double wear when I wear it for uni. The New Balance trainers I am not actually getting for Christmas, my dad is giving me Christmas money, and I am going to use that to purchase these shoes. I personally love New Balance and think they can be styled up for or just worn with an everyday casual outfit. The present I am most excited to receive is my Parklife ticket. I can't actually get this for Christmas as they can not be purchased yet, however, I have the money set aside so I can get them as soon as they are released. 

What is on your Christmas wish list this year? Anything inparticular you are lusting over?

xo Sophie

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